10 things that cause Difficult Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful gift for any woman, it is not just because as a sweet gift from a marriage but not necessarily because of pregnancy can be experienced by all women. The mother may be one of many mothers who are lucky, after starting a falling marriage Mother instantly endowed with pregnancy. It's just that some other Mother cannot feel that there to await new many years get pregnant. While not a few others finally can only adopt children because it never became pregnant.
Generally, causes a pregnant woman difficult to occur due to an impaired fertility ovulation issues. Which egg cells are fertilized by sperm can not. Whether it's because of the quality, the amount or because of the sperm cells itself, or in terms of difficult pregnant not only because women are not fertile but it could also because of man which are not fertile.

But in addition to these factors, there are still 10 things that cause difficult conceiving the other. Following his review.

1.    The Influence Of Age
Age continues to grow, it naturally will also bring physical conditions on influences.Not just make the body's decreased endurance or muscular strength, but age can also bring the influence on fertility. The influence of age is indeed very big in the body, therefore age is also one of the things that cause a woman pregnant is difficult. As already mentioned at the beginning if it was generally the cause of women pregnant is difficult due to fertility problems. When the age of growing any fertility declining health then. Not just make the production of egg cells is reduced but will also create the cells of the egg so the less qualified. So when sperm fertilized the egg cells cannot turn into a fetus. This condition mostly occurs in women who are over 40 years old, even if get pregnant then very risky pregnancy miscarry.

2.    The Influence Of Life Style
Since a long time, health experts strongly recommend that we live a healthy lifestyle.Not just routine exercise but also keep eating patterns and food menu as well as avoid all bad habits. Like eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, staying out and so on. In fact, the lifestyle also greatly affect fertility. Smoking, drinking alcohol, sleep deprivation and other bad habits can lower a person's fertility. Not only on women but also on men. The influence of drugs or energy drinks can also affect fertility and cause a hard woman is pregnant.

3.    Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid disorders can also be the cause of hard to conceive. This condition is generally due to the occurrence of abnormal conditions in the thyroid gland. It could be due to overactive thyroid gland or due to inactivity. These conditions will cause disorders of fertility so that sperm fertilize phase on the egg cannot occur.

4.    The period of Premature Menopause
10 things that cause Difficult Conceiving by natural InfoSehatWanitaSecara everyone, whether it's a woman or man is going through or who is also sometimes referred to as the time of menopause. It's just that in certain cases in some people sometimes menopause can happen too fast. Such conditions can also cause difficult to conceive. Because, as we know that aging means all the functions and performance of organs has decreased.
In early menopausal women can be characterized by the stopping of ovarian function, which makes the time of menstruation is also stalled. Lifestyle or due to radiation can cause premature menopause.

5.    Disorders of the Tuba
After the fertilized egg cell, then the egg cells are ripe will walk through the tuba or the egg to the uterus and grow so the fetus until birth. In some cases, the disorder on the tuba is also listed as one of 10 things pregnant women causes distress.
Disorders of the tuba could be due to a blockage or shaped tissues that grow in it. The condition can occur due to infection with sexually transmitted diseases or due to inflammation after surgery.

6.    The Presence Of Endometriosis
Endometriosis is a condition in which uterine tissue grows, on the outside. This condition certainly can cause hard to conceive. Because it will affect the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian disturbing sperm function so that the process of fertilization in egg cells so no maximum.

7.    PCOS Disorder
Or PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition, where hormonal levels in the body are not balanced. PCOS can cause body produce androgen hormones, which hormone is a hormone that causes impaired fertility in women. This disorder will certainly make a woman pregnant is difficult because of the fertility of the troubled aftermath of the hormone.

8.    Disorders of the Ovary
Ovarian disorders can cause difficult junta pregnant since the disorder can affect the time of ovulation. Ovarian disorders can occur due to a surgical procedure such as the disease of ovarian cysts.

9.    Pelvic Adhesions
Pelvic adhesion is a belly chain that arose because of the surgery. Generally because of the operation of appendicitis or pelvic surgery. The growth of the chain can cause the channel changing the structure of the tuba, which of course will make the eggshells already fertilized difficulty towards the uterus to develop.

10.  Effects Of Cancer Treatment
There's a reason why cancer is very terrible. Not because of the lethal effect but because of treatment of cancer can also cause other effects on the sufferer. One of them is causing the slit is pregnant.The procedure of treatment such as radiotherapy can affect the reproductive system of men and women. From the results of research, radiotherapy may cause a decline in fertility in the sufferer.

Because it's for the mother of all is very important so that the routine body health condition checked at the doctor. Doctors can not only help overcome the disease but also gives precautionary measures against the disease condition. Including the issue of pregnancy

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