11 White Radish Benefits for pregnant women and fetus

Food for pregnant women has a very important role for the health of the mother and the fetus in the womb. When pregnant women are fewer nutrients then it can also cause the fetus less nutrition. The impact is very bad especially abnormalities in the fetus is growing, the causes of maternal death during childbirth and a fetus that died in the womb. So consume healthy food early pregnancy is very beneficial for pregnant women. One of them is white vegetables like radish is usually frowned upon pregnant women. The following is information about the efficacy of white radish for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb.

1.    Good for the growth of bones and teeth of the fetus
White radish consume is very good for the health of the fetus. Turnips contain nutrients calcium which can make the bone growth of the fetus. Even when it's born the baby teeth can grow so well. You do not need to give vitamin grower dental teeth because it already complies with the growth. So white radishes into one of the types of foods that contain calcium for pregnant women are strongly recommended for pregnant women. The benefits of calcium for pregnant women are not just for bones and teeth of the fetus but also to the strength of the bones and muscles of the body of pregnant women.

2.    Prevent defects of the fetus
Gave birth to a healthy baby is certainly already the desire of all pregnant women. Therefore healthy nutrients such as white radish good for pregnant women. White radish contains folic acid can prevent mothers exposed due to a deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women. The impact of these nutritional deficiencies including defect spina bifida and abnormalities in the nervous system. Lack of nutrients folic acid can also be the cause of the baby's birth defects related to brain function.

3.    Prevent pregnant women easy pain
When a pregnant mother's body then becomes easier to weak and ill. This occurs because of hormonal changes and the growth of the fetus in the womb is considered as abnormal things on the body. That's why it's become the cause of the pregnant mother quickly tired. Then the mother becomes sick easily or even fainted when she was pregnant. According to a study held in Japan turned out white chard containsmyrosinasi which is an enzyme which serves to prevent infection germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi in the body. That's why the consumption of white turnips are excellent for the body of pregnant women.

4.    Help cure colds and coughs
When pregnant women are fat then viruses such as flu viruses are very easy to get into the body of the mother. As a result of colds and coughs, pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable. Coughs colds will make mother became weaker and sometimes also nausea and severe vomiting. Therefore the mother could consume the white radish soup could be a cough while pregnant and avoid the danger of flu for pregnant women. Even the white radish soup is also very important to overcome the shortness of breath due to allergies or asthma. The role of the enzyme myrosinase is very important to remove all of the viruses in the body of pregnant women.

5.    Helps detoxify the body
Consuming white turnips are cooked is also very good for the mother because it can help removing body toxins. This happens when the body of pregnant women receiving lots of material that is harmful to the body. But after eating radish then will often pee while pregnant. This happens because your kidneys work better to remove substances that are not needed by the body. A research proves if some enzymes such as amylase and diastase, esterase. All of these enzymes will work to transform the fat, protein, and carbohydrates into a compound that is easily absorbed by the body.

6.    Help cope with the dangers of obesity for pregnant women
Weight gain for pregnant women is indeed very reasonable. But usually, weight gain occurs is not excessive. The wrong diet can make pregnant women become fatter potentially obesity. If it is like this is very dangerous because it can cause an affected mother gestational diabetes. Daikon is very good to be the way to lose weight while pregnant because it contains high fiber. Then the content of the enzyme diastase also very good to help the digestion more healthy. So one of the benefits of white radish for pregnant women can become pregnant diet foods so that the baby is not big in the womb and menu diet of pregnant women with obesity.

7.    As a natural way to lower cholesterol in pregnant women
Turnips belong to one of the types of foods that contain fiber is very high. Every 300 grams of radish contains 18 calories. Calories can be a source of energy for the body of pregnant women. But if too many calories are then exposed to a mother could risk obesity and diabetes while pregnant. Then the consumption of certain foods containing fat can also make the mother body of excess cholesterol. Because it's better to eat white radishes while pregnant.

8.    Boost the immune system
One of the causes of pregnant women shivering cold was when the mother's body became very weak. Different types of viruses and bacteria also easily get into the body of the mother. Then the danger can happen to the fetus because the infection spread through to the fetus. The consumption of white radish very well to make the body healthy fast. White radish contains substance glucosinates to make body cells work more actively. Even these compounds could also be fight free radicals that will counter the formation of cancerous cells or tumors in the body of pregnant women and the fetus.

9.    Helps the body's fluid balance
Pregnant women often urinate fetal growth due to pressure in the body of pregnant women. Then this could trigger a shortage of the liquid if the mother's body does not get enough fluids. Various signs of dehydration on pregnant women could be identified from the outset so as not to be exposed to the dangers of dehydration for pregnant women. Then consume the white turnips are very important for the body's fluid balance. Radishes not only prevent the body lose fluids but also keep the pH levels in the blood of pregnant women.

10.  Helps repair damaged cells
Damage to body cells while pregnant is indeed most often occur. This happens when the body of pregnant women being weak and sick more easily. White radish is one type of food containing vitamin C to the expecting mothers. The role of vitamin Cis very important because it can improve the body's cells are damaged and keep the mother's body tissues become stronger. This is also good to keep the growth of the fetus remains normal.

11.  Cure migraines in pregnant women
One of the causes of migraines while pregnant is because of hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women. The impact is very bad because it can make the mother constantly experiencing headaches. consuming radish white will be a headache remedy that is quite natural. White radish efficacy for pregnant women is to help blood circulation becomes more healthy so it can dilate blood vessel system. Then is also very important to address the narrowing of the arteries due to high blood pressure in pregnant women.

So here's a white turnip variety of benefits for pregnant women and the fetus can keep health up to birthing. It's just for pregnant women are advised to consume white radishes are already cooked. Avoid consuming raw white radish can be exposed to poisoning from bacteria that are harmful to the body of the mother and the fetus.

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