13 Foods to increase fertility of women to get pregnant Fast

After her marriage, then it is most desired by married couples that is the children. To be able to get these children, then the first lady should be pregnant. For this pregnancy, then the fertility rate of married couples must be considered. It could just be your husband, and you the wife who turned out to be infertile.
Having children is certainly its own happiness for Your little family. Although there are indeed some married couples who still put off having a child, due to their age too young, lacking experience, or still too busy with work. However, there are also some married couples who have been trying various ways to get pregnant fast getting a pregnancy, but it has not been possible.
All of that certainly will refer to the fertility problem between a husband or wife, besides the problem of congenital disease is also sometimes a cause of difficult women pregnant. Well, with regard to fertility problems, then in the articles this time around, we will deliver to you information about 20 types of foods that can help you as a wife to increase fertility in order to get pregnant fast. What are the types of food? Please refer to the more information section below.

1.    Egg
This first type of food would have been familiar to you. Because its eggs can be easily obtained elsewhere. The content of vitamin D in the egg will be very good for increasing the fertility of women. There are also proteins to make the egg Lady is not quickly broken.

2.    Almonds
The type of nuts there are almonds that are mostly found in beverages, and chocolate. The content of vitamin E in almonds is quite high, as well as the antioxidant substances can keep the DNA in the egg stay healthy.

3.    Pumpkin seeds
For this is the pumpkin seeds in it, which is that there is a lot of iron content. Women who consume foods with high iron has a small risk for experiencing the disorder of pregnancy. This pumpkin seeds to cultivate enough by putting it in the oven, and then eaten as kuaci combining.

4.    String beans
Through the research of Harvard University exposes that women who consume more plant foods than on the animal it will quickly become pregnant. In the beans, they have a vegetable protein content high enough so that it can increase fertility and nails to get pregnant fast.

5.    Olive oil
Oil normally used for this beauty, termite useful also to improve the fertility of women. Because of this, olive oil does have unsaturated fat content in order to prevent the presence of impaired ovulation and also when the process of fertilization. This olive oil you can use instead of Your cooking oil at home.

6.    Bean sprouts
It's been no secret if bean sprouts this is one list of foods that can increase the fertility of women so that it could quickly conceive. Therefore, the content of folic acid and vitamins in this bean sprouts could help in the production of the hormone estrogen in the body female. The type of bean sprouts that you should consume it is from the green beans.

7.    Banana fruit
The banana is a fruit that is also quite easy to find in the country. Kandunagn vitamin B6 in the banana fruit it is necessary for the reproductive health of women because it helps in maintaining the egg well. Bananas also contain folic acid which is very good for pregnancy.

8.    Sweet
It's been an awful lot of research that suggests if it is a sweet food that can help in the process of treatment of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. In addition, Ubi can also help in improving ovulation so it can speed up pregnancy. The kind of sweet that is good for women who want to quickly get pregnant it was the sweet violet and yellow.

9.    Potato
Food ingredients that contain high carbohydrates it turns out can also increase fertility in women. The content of vitamin B and vitamin E in potato production the egg can make good and healthy. Potatoes also become food that can prevent severe morning sickness is very pregnant. The potato consumption can also lose weight and prevent pregnancy complications.

10.  Broccoli
Bright green vegetables like lush Banyan trees this small version does have the benefit of many. The content of folic acid and iron substances it can be particularly helpful in increasing the fertility of women. Vitamin C also contained therein that could assist in the maturation of the egg and ovulation process.

11.  Oyster
Food from the sea it has a nutrient content that is good for the health of the body, as well as for women who want to conceive fast. Because the oysters themselves contain zinc that can help in producing female egg cell. However, if already pregnant then we recommend that you reduce the consumption of seafood Yes

12.  Whole wheat bread
Wheat which is a food substitute for rice has a fairly high carbohydrate content also.Wheat already dipole into this bread can help in controlling blood sugar in the body. For it, for those of you who have high blood sugar, high insulin content, which could consume of bread wheat in lieu of rice.

13.  Salmon
The latter is the type of fish that is salmon. Nice addition to a woman's fertility, salmon is also suitable to increase the intelligence of the brain of the fetus which is still in the womb. Because salmon have omega 3 content that is good for the brain.

Now that is some list of foods you can consume to get pregnant fast. Hopefully, the information we pass over can be quite beneficial to Your family.

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