14 how to Diet Safe for pregnant 9 months

For the pregnant women who have excess weight, it is necessary to lower his weight to ideal. Gaining weight while pregnant it could be because the appetite is too high while undergoing a period pregnant, or it could be because some mothers him thinking if the fetus is also in need of food. So, the number of servings daily feeding of pregnant women is added. However, pregnant women should consult a doctor first linked these problems. The reason, pregnant women who are obese have a risk of interruption of pregnancy as well, and the baby was born in the condition of obesity.
To You mothers who are pregnant and feel to have excess weight, then you should probably seek to lose weight by doing your diet. Obesity in times of labor can also be bad. This diet, of course, must be done through the advice of a doctor to keep you can get sufficient nutrition intake with, but it could be to lose weight.

Here we will give You 14 ways a safe diet for pregnant women that age ingredient is already 9 months.

1.        Choose food with balanced nutritional content
Balanced nutrition is very important and is needed by expectant mothers as his daily food menu. Choose the type of food that does come with a balanced nutritional content. You should set the schedule of a diving diet pregnancy, and make sure you meet the appropriate food menu list with your healthy diet while pregnant.

2.        Multiply consume foods with high fiber content
Vegetables are one of the dishes that have a very high fiber content. The benefits of this fibrous food are structure the process of digestion and bowel movements, in which one of the common disorders in pregnant women it was constipation. In addition, this fibrous food can also to prevent difficulties when undergoing the birthing process. The amount of fiber on the needs of pregnant women every day it is 1.2 grams only. There are an awful lot of fibrous vegetables you can get in the market easily.

3.        Limit the number of calories the body
Calories are one substance that can help in adding energy to the body during her pregnancy. However, with the number of calories consumed, then this could affect fetal obesity and also pregnant women themselves. Food with a lot of calories that much more found on fast food and fried foods. In addition, the drinks packaging can also contain a lot of calories like drinks with soda.

4.        Kukui needs a protein in the body
This protein has a very large benefit against pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb. On a pregnant mother who often or quickly feels hungry, then that means his body is being a lack of protein. Therefore, make sure that you always meet the needs of protein bodies during her maternity period. So you experience hunger can be reduced, thus preventing the risk of obesity.

5.        Live sports activities with routine
Maybe some pregnant women consider if that dangerous sports, let alone when the pregnancy has reached the age of 9 months. However, the doctor along with any experts suggested for pregnant women underwent light sports, although the age of the content already 9 months. The benefits of this sport can help in burning fat and calorie overload in the body which became the cause of obesity, this sport can also help in keeping the stamina of pregnant women, as well as strengthen bones. Sporting the lightest and easiest to do well as it was a walk in the morning for about 20 minutes.

6.        do not consume processed food (instant)
Instant food or processed foods that are normally wrapped in packaging that has a lot of content of preservatives. While the preservative can be bad for the body of pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb. Such as processed foods, instant noodles, meatballs, sausage, or any meat that is in the packaging. For that, you'd better start to stop consuming processed foods like this.

7.        Fill the needs of body fluids by drinking water
Already from the first drinking water was known to have many benefits to the body.In fact, 80% of the human body consists of the liquid. So, if the amount of fluid in the body begin to decrease, then it can cause you to experience dehydration. Drinking plain water for pregnant women was at least 8 cups or 2 liters per day. In addition to preventing dehydration, drinking white water routine and fairly every day that can streamline the process of normal birth later.

8.        Multiply the consumption of foods rich in folic acid
Foods that have a high content of folic acid that is very good for pregnant mothers, especially in early pregnancy. However, folic acid should still be consumed during pregnancy, because of the benefits that could be obtained for gestational age 9 months. Because the folic acid could help in the production of red blood cells are good, so that, when labor later, the mother can avoid viewing the risk of blood deficiency anemia.

9.        choose healthier cooking oils
One of the things most needed while cooking it was cooking oil. Actually, for the pregnant women themselves, consume fried foods is not a good habit. But, if you still want to consume fried foods, such as fish or other cooking oil, then make sure you choose a healthy so that the calories in the body can remain well controlled anyway.

10.     Expand the consumption of marine fish
Sea fish is one of those foods that have a high omega 3 content than freshwater fish. Where the benefits of omega 3 substances, it is important to provide nutrition and brain development in the fetus. However, consuming the fish of the sea must be in a condition that is completely cooked. Because it is sea fish that has a lot of content of bacteria that also bad for health if consumed in the raw or half-cooked state.

11.      do not consume caffeine
Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, cola, chocolate, and tea also that you should avoid during pregnancy used to be 9 this month. Because a drink or food with such content can potentially ill will toward heart health as well as the amount of content of blood to the fetus. Moreover, coupled with sugar, in addition to having a high-calorie content can damage your healthy diet, caffeine is also bad for the fetus.

12.      Increased consultation with obstetrician
While pregnant, pregnant mothers are advised to consult regularly with the obstetrician. This course is a preparation that must be traversed the expectant mothers, especially ahead of labor in the age of pregnancy 9 months. Consultancy you can do that can include menu diet, healthy diet, activity and more.

13.      the Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables have a nutritional healthy and very much indeed is needed for pregnant women and the fetus, ranging from vitamins, fiber, as well as other important minerals. Fruit and vegetables did not have calorie or fat content overload, which can add to your weight. For that, in the age of pregnancy, You are already treading on 9 this month, it would be nice to expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables only.

14.      Choose foods with low-fat content
The fact that is one part of the foods that can increase your risk of high cholesterol, as well as be the main cause of obesity in pregnant women and janinnya. Therefore, starting from the current 9-month pregnant mother, who wants to live in a safe, healthy diet should not consume high fatty foods. Although it is the fact that is needed by the body to maintain stamina, we recommend that you choose foods that have a low-fat content only.

Well, that's 14 tips that we could give to pregnant women who want to live a healthy diet while pregnant 9 months. Hopefully, the above information can be quite helpful to you all.

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