5 types of Food for the growth of Fetal Brain

Healthy processed foods consumed by pregnant mothers surely will make the condition of health of pregnant women and the fetus could be better. A healthy pregnancy is also marked by a healthy body condition of pregnant women as well as food consumed each day. The pattern of healthy living is indeed to be kept during her period of your pregnancy. For the pregnant women should consume more foods that contain lots of iron, and other substances – substances that can help the growth of the baby's organs to the maximum. And, all the content can be obtained easily through vegetables, fish and some other types of meat.
The brain is the most important organ in infants who are very influential in the growth of the body and also mental. To that end, the pregnant woman should have to know the type of good food to be consumed, so that the brain of the fetus can grow well. Well, below there are some types of foods that can help grow your fetal brain flower better and stay healthy. 5 types of Food for the growth of Fetal Brain 1 women's health info.

1.          Chicken
5 types of Food for the growth of the fetal Brain by healthy info this one would have a lot of attention. A small child who could speak any animal will certainly know this one. Processed foods are produced through these animals have also been much we come across, and it feels like it is definitely tasty. Savory and delicious taste of chicken meat is definitely will always run out before eating if you serve it while eating. However, you need to know also that, chicken meat is not only a delicacy he can. But this chicken turned out to be extremely helpful in establishing fetal brain intelligence systems that exist in Your content.
It was all because in the chicken meat is the iron content is very good for the brain of the fetus which is called also with heme. This is why the pregnant women should preferably be more diligent and often eating foods containing processed chicken meat during her period of her pregnancy. But, preferably processed chicken has not processed chicken fast-food restaurant. Because surely this would be contrary to the kind of food that is not good for the baby's brain development.

2.          Fruit – fruit of berry
Fruit – fruit is closely associated with the name of taste fresh. One type of food that is also good for brain development in the fetus is the fruit – fruit from giving. The berries are Strawberry, blueberries, and raspberries as well. For Blackberry should notYou eat, and you better keep away from children or your baby. Because this is just a kind of electronic device that is used to make a call. A variety of berries that are extremely good in improving the ability of the brain in particular IQ form your baby. Because it is a good idea to the pregnant women choose desserts such as fruit – fruit, which conveniently to eat. Choose berries that are still fresh, that the taste and also, which could be better.

3.          Egg Yolk
The type of food that one is still derived from chickens. This animal does have many benefits for consumers, from almost all parts of her body. In this egg yolk, contained the kaolin is also one of the substances found in the vitamin B. And, as we know that vitamin B is also very good for brain development in the fetus in the uterus of pregnant women. The pregnant women who do not like the yolk, let alone who are still experiencing morning sickness certainly always felt nauseous to eat it. For that, you can overcome it, by giving time or pause to eat egg yolks.

4.          Hearts
The liver organ which also became one of the types of foods that are good for baby's brain development is you can get on a cock too. Existing liver organs in chickens or goats there is excellent for consumption by pregnant women. The reason, the condition of the pregnant women most stricken with the disease anemia or less blood, and the heart is a type of food that can help in. Things that can be assisted by the liver organ at pregnant women who are stricken with anemia is to give sufficient oxygen supply for expectant mothers, so the iron that is present in the bloodstream can also be smoothly walked to the fetus and the placenta is hampered.
Existing liver organs in chicken or goat has a delicacy, like a chicken or a goat itself. Some people do not like the liver. But, as pregnant mothers, we encourage you to be more creative in the processing of foods like liver be more delicious eaten with the family.

5.          Fish
Can not be denied again that this fish is a great source of Omega Supreme and the lot, which is very good for the brain development of children or fetuses in the uterus of pregnant women. In fact, the content of omega 3 's in fish are widely taken to be in the form of liquid and multivitamin tablets that can be directly given to your child. But, to her own fetus, pregnant women who consume fish should start so that the fetus had in their subjects can gain the benefits of omega 3 in the fish. Many fish contain omega 3 these are sardines and salmon also can you consume every 3 times in a week, so that the efficacy of omega 2 contained therein can be optimally absorbed.

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