9 patterns of physical exercises that are suitable for pregnant women

Pregnancy is fetal growth and development process starting from the conception to the birth of the fetus results that affect the State of physical, mental and social of pregnant women. If the condition of a healthy mother and baby fetal conditions then who would be born healthy as well otherwise. A pregnant woman should know the activity or practice anything that can facilitate the process of birth.
If you feel there are others within yourself, suspect or know yourself pregnant then go to rescue health care personnel to ensure it. Please tell the history of pregnancy and disease what are you experienced, a drug that still you consume until today, as well as physical exercises that are difficult to be abandoned. Consult any physical exercise expectant mothers that you can do with the dermatologist, especially when you have never trained physically before.
You need to exercise or do physical activity for 30 minutes every day. If that sounds heavy, remember that walk for 10 minutes three times a day gives the same benefits by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Regular activities such as vacuuming, gardening each for 15 minutes else can meet the requirements of a 30-minute workout. Not heavy isn't it?

Still feel don't have time?
To run your mission, try considers sports as part of their daily activities. If there is no spare time in your schedule to slip time sports, in particular, make exercise as part of your daily activities; get off the bus at the bus stop further away from your Office and walk along the rest of the way. Vehicle parking in a place that's a bit far from shopping so that you can be a little running. Walk to the grocery store instead of ordering from home. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. And so on.
Had the time but lack motivation? Find your motivation in gymnastics class is pregnant. Bored with Your sports activities, change the type of swimming and other sports (read: list of Sports of pregnant women).

9 Patterns of pregnant women stretching exercises to launch Labor

1.        Stretch the shoulders and legs of pregnant women
To loosen the tension in your shoulders when you're used to sitting in front of computers or more, try this simple movement: stand with both legs open as wide as the shoulders and knees. Set your left arm to right in front of the chest and bend a bit.
Hold the left elbow with your right hand, and slowly pull the left elbow towards the right shoulder while you exhale. Hold this position for a dive 5-10 seconds, then do it in the opposite direction.
Stretching the foot while standing. Hilangkanlah strain on the foot by following the easy stretch: stand up and balance your body with holding on to the Chair or other objects as a crutch.
Report the knee right up to your right calf raised. Genggamlah your feet with your right hand and pull heel toward buttocks while stretching the thigh toward the back of the waist joint. Keep your back straight and hold this position for 10-30 seconds.Ulangilah from the left.

2.        Stretch the backs of pregnant women
The best way to relieve pressure on your back is resting on hands and knees (as the position was about to bow down), relaxes back, and hold my head straight so that neck position parallel to the spine. Later, curved backs (the stomach and buttocks will be firmer) let your head slowly looked down. Slowly, the original will, repeat several times and do it several times a day if possible, especially you frequently standing or sitting for a long time.

3.        exercise Pelemasan Neck of pregnant women
This exercise will relieve tension in the neck. Sit with upright while leaning on a Chair. Pejamkanlah eye and pull a deep breath, then tilt the head slowly to one side. Do not lift your shoulders to touch the head, and don't bend your head down forcibly. Hold for 3-6 seconds before changing sides. Repeat three times or four times.
Slowly, make the head forward, and let the Chin buckled kea rah chest. Cycle the cheeks to the right until the shoulders (again, don't impose movement, and move the shoulder kea rah head) and hold for 3-6 seconds. Change sides and repeat. Do three to four sets (full sets of four) the movement every day.

4.        exercise Strengthens abdominal muscles
This movement can improve posture, strengthens the abdominal muscles, reduce the soreness on her back, and help you prepare the process of childbirth. To do the exercise of hips, stand with your back up against the wall and your relax your spine. While inhale, press lower back into the wall. Embuskan breath, press lower back into the wall. Embuskan breaths, then repeat several times.
To reduce the pain, try swinging Your hips forward and backward while maintaining good straight backs in position resting on hands and knees or in a standing position. Do this exercise regularly for 5 minutes several times a day at work.

5.        Biceps Exercises For pregnant women
Start by choosing a light load (load 1.5 or 2 pounds if you're a novice, and not more than 5 kilograms) and stand with both feet shoulder wide open. Left elbow on the side of the body, and so establish your chest. Slowly, lift up both the burden of kea rah's shoulder by bending the elbow and keep your arms stay ahead of your application (don't forget to breathe).
Stop when the arm that is parallel with the floor and the burden of facing up to the ceiling. Turunkanlah slowly, then repeat 8-10 times. You may conduct with the rest if needed. Don't do it excessively. Your muscles will be heating up, but don't tense up or hold your breath.

6.        Leg Lift Exercises
This exercise uses the body's own burden to tighten thigh muscles (no need to use the equipment advertised on television). Lying on the left side of the body with the shoulder, waist, and knees are in a position to be in line.Elevated body with disproving the head using the left arm and right arm and put them on the floor in front. Slowly, lift up your right leg as high as possible during still feels good (don't breathe up). Do it ten times before changing sides and repeat the movement.

7.        Pregnant mothers Arm stretching exercises
Sitting cross-legged and stretching will help you feel relaxes and know your body(would be good once if you are increasingly familiar with the body's of your own along with closer day labor). Try stretching the other arm movements while sitting.
Try putting a hand on the shoulder, then raised both hands over his head and stretching it kea rah ceiling. You can also one arm is higher than the other arm or tilt your body to one side. Don't jump when doing the stretching.

8.        Hip Flexor Exercises of pregnant women

The hip flexor muscles in charge of running the commands you to lift your knees and bowed. Stretch these muscles regularly will help Your body and Flex makes it easy to straddle when it came time for your baby to come out (besides when screwing). For the hip flexor muscles Flex, stand in front of the stairs.
Holding if necessary. Put one of your feet on first or second steps (which you can reach comfortably) and buckling that knee-jerk legs.
Let the other foot behind you, with your knees, keep it straight, and your feet stuck to the floor. Encourage your body to the next with the legs resting on ahead while keeping your back straight. Repeat with the other foot.

9.        exercise Squatting for pregnant women
These exercises strengthen and tighten thighs and especially useful for units who are planning to hunker down in position. Start at the standing position with legs open wide as the U.S. shoulders. With the back remains straight, bend your knees while slowly lowering the body until the US close the US possible to the floor, but still feels comfortable.
The second sole of the foot perfectly flat to the floor. If you can't afford to try open your legs wider. Hold this squatting position subs 10-30 seconds before slowly returning to its original position. As much as repeats five times.

Tips On Running A Pattern Of Exercise Stretching the body of pregnant women on top

1.    Strive to focus on exercises that require no power to hold such weight cycling, stretch the body and swim. Subtract workouts that require a lot of effort in holding weight such as running. But if the habit of running you can't be reduced, start doing physical exercise with getting used to running.
2.    Less harmful activities, such as mountain climbing, surfing, and a lot of activity come into contact with the ball like a football, Bolla, volley, basketball, and others. also avoid activities that make you hold your breath, activities that require the coordination of movement and balance as well as primed to jump.
3.    To maintain the stamina and improve muscle tone, make it a habit to practice regularly at least three times a week for the body and health are still supporting to do activities that are recommended above.
4.    Expand the exercise and attention to pulse, While doing physical exercise calculate the pulse every 15 to 20 minutes. To avoid unwanted events, note when the pulse is at 140 times/min (that's not normal) and tends to affect yourself. Reduce the intensity of the exercise is to be on the pulse of 90 times/minute.
5.    In addition to observing the pulse, excessive exercise can be measured by the conversation, if you can carry a conversation easily then it will have no effect on body condition but if otherwise, we recommend that you reduce the practice.
6.    Note the weather environment when exercise, don't do physical exercise exceeds 30 minutes, especially at a time when the weather and the condition of the air are humid and hot. The heat affected caused by exercise in hot weather will be transferred to the fetus as the rising body temperature. Improvement of heat effect on the stimulation of birth. This effect on body temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius.
7.    To avoid injury to the joints of the body doing stretching exercises and warm up to face a heavier exercise. When gestational age enters its fourth month, • avoid exercises that make you do so in a State of lying.
8.    After doing the exercises, it is recommended to perform light work which draws the lower limbs in making respiratory, metabolic rate, heart rate returned to normal and prevent the accumulation of blood on the to muscle activity.
9.    Any you do physical exercise try to Rest as much as 10 minutes, lay back and skews the Agency left. the big vein on the right side of your stomach will be depressed if doing this activity, which launched the circulation of blood to the heart. How to break this will improve the blood flow to the fetus and placenta.
10.  After making the above movements, try to replace the body fluids by drinking as much as 8 ounces. as well as increase your calorie intake that has wasted the time of exercise by consuming foods such as cheese, eggs, meat, and fish.
11.  Reduce the level of exercise along with increasing gestational age. Normal changes in pregnancy information, such as a decrease in the reserves of the heart and an increased effort of breath, can cause stress Physiology/normal if you are doing weight exercises in a long time.
12.  When there are abnormalities such as dizziness, numbness, bleeding on the street born, shortness of breath, feeling pain, consult that problem to a doctor that can help you launch a process of pregnancy until birth. may be useful.

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