Benefits Of Cucumber For Facial Beauty And Health

For some of you who love taking care of health and beauty of the face by using natural ingredients, it looks like you have to input a cucumber in a list of fruits that you can use to take care of your face. Benefits of cucumber for the face very diverse, so some of the problems that often occur on your face you can easily solve by using cucumbers.
However, before you find out about the benefits of cucumber to your face, it might be worthwhile you know the cucumbers in advance. In General, the cucumber is a plant type of pumpkin-Labuan which has fruit and the fruit can be consumed. Cucumber itself has a Latin Binomial name Cucumis and are in the order Cucurbtales, family Cucurbitaceae, and plant taxonomy class. Cucumber plants included in this type of vine and half is just the annuals or plants can only be harvested once.
Once you know the ins and outs of cucumber, next is about the benefits of cucumber for the face. Cucumber can beautify your face because the cucumber has several benefits for your face such as the following:

1.    Reduce the swelling that occurs in the SAC of the eye
Benefits of cucumber to face the first is can reduce swelling that occurs in the pouch of your eyes. This is possible because the cucumbers contain Ascorbic acid can reduce the retention of the skin so as to reduce the swelling in your eyes.

2.    Reducing dark circles on the Eye Area
Dark circles that appear due to fatigue and often stayed up late you can easily solve by using cucumbers. Benefits of cucumber to face this one because the cucumber has antioxidants and also use silica to rejuvenate your facial skin especially on the area of the eyes and also make you become softer.

3.    Prevent your skin Sunburn
For those who are accustomed to work or play outdoors every day, a huge risk for a skin sunburn because too long outdoors by very hot weather. Cucumbers are very useful for restoring your facial skin as readily, as it gives a cooling effect and speeds healing of the skin of your face.

4.    Reduce dark spots
Benefits of cucumber for the next faces, of course, can reduce dark spots. Black spots on your face can be caused due to direct sunlight. So, you can use cucumber as a tonic by means of Marut fruit of cucumbers in advance and apply it on your face. Tonic proved able to eliminate black spots that can interfere with your appearance.

5.    Pore Pore Tightening facial skin
Benefits of cucumber to next face tightens the pores of the face that was previously open. If you want optimal results, you can mix it with lemon water, cider vinegar, Aloe Vera juice and chicken egg white.

6.    prevents wrinkles on the face
The problem of wrinkles on the face is a problem that is haunting you have age no longer young. But you don't have to worry because there are very simple materials to address those problems, namely by using the cucumber. That is because the cucumbers contain good water to moisten and cleanse the skin of your face.

7.    Brightening facial skin Naturally
Benefits of cucumber for the next face was able to brighten your face skin is naturally, because the cucumbers contain substances that are good for your face and also antioxidants.

That's some of the benefits of cucumber for the face that of course will be very helpful to you if you have a problem on your face. Hopefully, this article is useful and you can use with your best foot forward.

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