How to make your Child Smarter Since in the Womb and after the child is born

Have a child who is smart is yearning for all married couples. With having a child who is smart and clever, then it would be a pride for parents. However, have the parents think that skill has been around since the baby in the womb? In the first year, babies begin to experience brain development, all brain cells have been able to connect with the nerves.
How to make your child smarter since in kandunganPara experts suggest that parents do a stimulus towards the brain of the baby before birth, because it brings positive impact to form his brain cells so that later the baby can have astounding abilities post was born.

The following steps can be done to train parents since in the womb that will potentially at an increased level of intelligence of children:

1.    keep your intake of nutrients during pregnancy
Baby's brain is experiencing rapid development for nine months in the womb of his mother that he was born later. Good to poor development of the nervous system of the fetus is very influenced by what is contained in the mother's blood during pregnancy. For that, during the period of pregnancy, it is very necessary to intake enough nutrients to help fetal development.
Balanced nutrition of pregnant women during pregnancy will help nurture the expectant mother's body, which later will have an impact on the baby's brain development.
How to make your child smarter since in the womb, prioritizes the consumption of food containing protein, such as meat, foods that contain lots of vitamins A, B, C, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as several other important vitamins such as Folic Acid, Omega 3, DHA, AA, iron, vitamin B1 and B6.

2.    Avoid harmful substances for the body
Inhaling or swallowing substances nephrotoxins contained in cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol consumption, as well as illegal drugs, have been shown to harm a baby's brain and fetal development. In addition, it can increase the risk of learning and behavioral problems or children in the future.

3.    Avoid food preservative
Canned food or another packaging that we often encounter in stores many foods contain substances harmful for pregnant women and also her baby. These substances e.g., food preservative substances, substances, dyes, MSG, artificial sweeteners, and much more. It can be bad in a baby's brain development in the womb.
To that end, we recommend that pregnant women prefer consuming fresh foods and natural than to consume foods that contain hazardous substances, such as junk food.

4.    Do the communication with the baby still in the womb during the
The fetus is in the womb will acquire more skills. He can kick, moving, seeing, hearing, sucking her thumb, as well as have a few flavors of music, even food.
What is in the mind of the mother known to affect the mental development of babies in the womb. Some are growing evidence that the brains of babies are affected by events outside of the uterus. For example, older people who sing and play Mozart believed to increase the likelihood of a baby's desire to better recognize that Mozart's music in the future.
A study showed that the unborn baby can listen to the voice of his mother during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy; and at the moment of birth, they may show what they had heard. All communication is done with the baby in the womb is beneficial to train language later.

5.    Avoid stress during pregnancy
During pregnancy, an expectant mother and her baby sharing the same hormones. At the time of pregnancy, a woman is more susceptible to the onset of pregnancy disorders such as stress or anxiety. This can affect the baby in the womb have a greater chance to make children anxious. The environment is filled with stress hormones can affect the baby's brain nerves.
There are several reasons where a pregnant woman has to lower the level of stress. Stress has been linked to the level of ill health for the mother, including the risk of hypertension in pregnancy. These factors can sometimes lead to the risk of the occurrence of premature birth or the baby's weight at birth is becoming low. Mothers who have low levels of stress during pregnancy can help improve the emotional development of their children.
Some research suggests that high levels of stress during pregnancy can result in the child having a level of intelligence quotient (IQ). In addition, at the time a pregnant woman experiencing chronic stress or extreme stress experience, babies in the womb can have unhealthy stress hormones, which can affect the baby's brain development. For that, a woman who is pregnant is highly recommended to avoid stress to the children how to make intelligent since in the womb
This can be done by keeping a diet, do regular exercise, and enough rest. By doing this, the baby in the womb will get a better environment for the baby.

6.    Give the name of the baby
After the parents know the baby's gender using ULTRASOUND pregnancy benefits, we recommend that you immediately give her name. This will help parents to communicate with their babies, namely by calling its name at the time of communicating.

7.    baby's name Often when communicating
At the moment the pregnancy reaches five months (second trimester), a baby in the womb can already recognize the voice of the mother than the other voices. For that try to communicate as often as possible with the baby. Often call the name you have to prepare for him every time doing communication.

8.    Playing music
The music was instrumental in the development of cognitive children, it is used in a variety of educational programs around the world and is considered an important part of the process of brain development of babies. The latest data shows that the music as a way to make children smarter since, in the womb to infant language development, help grows flower child, and help the development of the ability to communicate.
Earlier in the week to 25, the baby in the womb can hear sounds that originate from the external environment. It will introduce a baby about language development later after being born. The song lullabies, classical music, children's songs and is the right choice, it will provide a calming effect and feeling relaxed at the baby.
Some studies have shown that listening to classical music can help push the baby in the womb to learn to distinguish between different types of sound and to help their auditory memory. In addition, it will also greatly help reduce stress commonly experienced during the period of pregnancy.

9.    Introduce a family member
In addition, communication with the rest of the family is also very important for the baby in the womb. For example, by introducing the voice of the father, nor her sister. This will make the baby in the womb feel safe and loved.

10.  Invite play
Invite a baby still in the womb to play is one of the effective ways in stimulating his brain growth early on. The mother or another family member can introduce a variety of forms, colors, sounds, as well as a variety of toys that he would later encounter in the world.

11.  touch Therapy
Unwittingly, the touch does a prospective mother in the stomach, such as patting motions or wipe gently and rhythmically into a natural response, as if the mother was doing some contact with their baby. Babies are very sensitive to touch, she will start moving and touching themselves.
When the baby is already big enough, he'll start pushing the feet or hands when going a touch on the belly of the mother. Touch is one of the steps to create the inner bonding and stimulate the development of the baby. The baby will often respond to this stimulus, kick or push back. Tactile stimulation can be done anytime, especially towards the content reaches the age of 8 weeks.

How To Make A Comeback After Being Born
However, steps to make children smarter not up there alone, after the process of birth parents should be more active to do things so that children become smart include:

1.    Nutritional Intake
Provide sufficient nutrition intake of post-war babies were born, such as breastfeeding with BREAST MILK exclusively for 6 months and continued until the age of two years. The study showed that children who get breast milk post was born to have a level of intelligence that more than children fed infant formula. For the mother to do how to make BREAST MILK production to make way for ASI.

2.    Interaction
Do touch interaction with the baby. For example, the interaction of touch at a time when nursing a baby. This can have a strong influence on children's intellectual and physical development.

3.    The response
The response of parents against her son's gesture was one of the builders of the most healthy attitude. A nursing mother is more likely to respond in a more natural way to maintain and needs her baby and crying.

4.    Communication
Communicate with your baby. How parents communicate with babies had a profound effect on brain development of babies. This can train hearing babies as well as train the baby's response.

5.    Music
Loud music can provide some of the benefits i.e. how to create smart children since in the womb. In addition, music can make babies and kids become calmer and set the pattern of neurons throughout the brain. Especially with regard to creative reasoning and has a calming effect by stimulating the hormonal release of endorphins.

6.    Invite play
For children, play and learning are the same. Baby will begin to learn about their world through play and parents can learn about what a baby with watching him during play. By playing with the baby, parents can start to get the idea to develop the mind of a baby. But know the baby's sleep patterns so that time break is not interrupted.

7.    Baby toys

Give the right toy can help stimulate the baby's brain development, she can learn to find a causal relationship. Basically, the toys should stimulate the senses as much as possible, so that the baby can see, hear, feel, and do something with the piece.

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