characteristic feature of Asthma

Types of Asthma (asthma) is a chronic disease that attacks the respiratory tract is chronically (bronchial) on which there is lung inflammation (inflammatory) on the walls of the cavity bronchial resulting in a narrowing airway that finally a person experiencing shortness of breath. Asthma most frequently found in the developed world, especially the high level of air pollution both from vehicle fumes or dust of the desert.

The CAUSE of the
Until recently the cause of asthma is not known with certainty though has been a lot of research by experts. Theory or hypothesis regarding the cause of a person with asthma has not been agreed by the experts in the world of health.

However that can be deduced is that in people with asthma, the channel has the typical properties of breathing that is very sensitive to a variety of stimuli (bronchial airway hyperreactivity = hyperactive) such as air pollution (smog, dust, chemical substances), pollen, cold air, food, animals, the pressure of the soul, the pungent smells (for example; the perfume), and sports.

In addition, the occurrence of asthma attacks as a result of the impact of sufferers experienced upper respiratory tract infections (RESPIRATORY) either flu or sinusitis. Asthma attacks can also be experienced by some women in the menstrual cycle, but this is very rare.

The numbers increased asthmatic is associated with risk factors that support the existence of a person suffering from asthma, such as hereditary factors. If a mother or father suffered from asthma, then most likely the presence of asthma sufferers in the family members.

As for signs and symptoms of asthma include:
1.    Breathing reads (wheezing/wheezing) especially when exhaling (exhalation). Not all asthmatics have breathing which reads, and not everyone that her breathing Tredegar (wheezing) is an asthmatic.
2.    Shortness of breath as a result of narrowing bronchi (bronchial).
3.    Prolonged Cough at night time or in cold weather.
4.    The existence of a complaint of sufferers feels the narrow chest.
5.    Great asthma attacks cause the sufferer cannot speak because of the difficulty in regulating the breath.

At the age of children, early symptoms may include itching in the chest cavity or neck. During asthma attacks, a sense of anxiety that overuse of sufferers may exacerbate the situation. As a reaction to anxiety, sufferers will also be issuing a lot of sweat.

The exact steps you can take to avoid asthma attacks is receding from the factors the causes that trigger the onset of asthma attack itself. Every sufferer generally has its own distinctive features towards the things that trigger his asthma attacks. After the occurrence of asthma attacks, when sufferers feel can breathe a sigh of relief but be advised to forward the appropriate drug and dose treatment given by doctors.

Asthma (asthma) to date has yet to be treated completely, this means that asthma attacks may occur at a later date. Handling and administering drugs to sufferers of asthma attacks as the action was arising which was tailored to the severity of the signs and symptoms of itself. The basic principle of handling asthma attacks is by administering drugs either injections (hydrocortisone), Ventolin (salbutamol) syrup or nebulizer (gas salbutamol) to help loosen the respiratory tract.

In mild cases where the perceived existence of complaints that lead to symptoms of asthma attacks or to prevent the occurrence of further attacks, then the health team or the doctor will prescribe a tablet like Aminophylline and Prednisolone. For people with asthma, it is suggested to them to provide drug store/breathe (Ventolin Inhaler) wherever they are that can help loosen respiratory attacks occurred at the break.

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