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AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The AIDS disease is a disease that is caused as a result breed HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the human body, which is where this virus attacks the white blood cells (CD4 cells) resulting in the destruction of the immune system the body. Loss of or decreased body durability makes the sufferer is easy to catch a variety of ailments including minor ailments.

This type of the disease AIDS is caused by HIV, the virus is attacking the CD4 cells and makes it a breeding ground for new HIV Virus, then ruin it so it can't be used again. As we know, that white blood cells is extremely necessary for the immune system. Without immune then when our bodies attacked the disease, our bodies are weak and do not strive against infections of the disease and as a result, we can die even though exposed to influenza or the common cold. When the human body is exposed to the HIV virus so it is not a direct cause or suffers from the disease of AIDS, but it takes quite a long time even years for HIV to cause AIDS or HIV positive.

HIV AIDS virus transmission method:
1.    Through the blood. for example; Blood transfusion, HIV + blood on exposed skin that is injured, syringes, etc.
2.    Through the liquid cement, semen (sperm Men). For example; a man has intercourse with his wife without using condoms or other safeguards, oral sex, etc.
3.    Through vaginal fluid in women. For example; Woman intercourse without a safety, oral sex, etc.
4.    Through Breast Milk (BREAST MILK). For example; Baby drinking BREAST MILK from HIV + women, men drank milk BREAST MILK her partner, etc.
As for the bodily fluids that do not contain the HIV Virus in HIV + among others Saliva (saliva or saliva), Stool (feces or feces), tears, sweat, water and Urine (urine or urine).

A person affected by HIV in the early beginning of the generally do not provide the typical signs and symptoms, sufferers only experience fever for 3 to 6 weeks depending on the durability of the body when the contact gets the HIV virus. After conditions improved, people affected by HIV will stay healthy in a few years and gradually decreased body weak to fall ill because of recurring fevers.
One way to certainty is to undergo HIV Antibody Test especially if someone feels has been doing activities that risk exposure to the HIV virus. As for signs and symptoms of AIDS disease sufferers look on them is as below:
1.    The respiratory tract.
Sufferers experience a short breath, stop short of breath, cough, chest pain and fever as stricken with other viral infections (Pneumonia). Not uncommon diagnosis at early stage HIV AIDS disease suspected tuberculosis.

2.    The Digestive Tract.
The AIDS disease sufferers showed signs and symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Often experiencing the fungal diseases in the oral cavity and esophagus, as well as experiencing chronic diarrhea.

3.    The weight of the body.
Sufferers experience it, also known as wasting syndrome, i.e., body weight loss of up to 10% below normal because of disruptions to systems of protein and energy in the body as it is known as Malnutrition as well because the absorption disorders food in the digestive system resulting in chronic diarrhea, tired, weak and underpowered.

4.    Nervous System.
The onset of disorders of the central nerve resulting in less memory, headache, difficulty concentrating, confusion, and often seemed to be a response to a member's motion slowed. On the other end of the nerve system (Peripheral) will cause pain and tingling in the hands and feet, the tendon reflexes are less, always experiencing low blood tension, and impotent.

5.    System Integument (skin tissue).
Sufferers experience bouts of chicken pox virus (herpes simplex) or pox APIs (shingles), and various skin diseases that cause pain on the skin tissue. Others are experiencing a network infection in the skin hairs (folliculitis), dry skin spotting (outer layer of skin is cracked) and eczema.

6.    Reproductive and urinary tract in women.
Sufferers often experiencing the fungal diseases of the vagina, it is a sign of early infected with the HIV virus. Injuries of the urinary tract, syphilis, and disease than men then women are more the number suffering from the disease of smallpox. The other was a woman of many people with AIDS who is experiencing inflammation of pelvic cavity (bone) known as pelvic inflammatory term ' disease (PID) ' and are having irregular menstrual periods (abnormal).

From various countries continue to do research in addressing HIV/AIDS, but until now there has been no AIDS cure diseases including serum or vaccine that can cure a man of HIV causes the disease AIDS. As for the purpose of administering drugs to people with AIDS is to help improve the durability of the body, improve the quality of life for your known infected HIV in an effort reduce the number of birth and death.

We all expected not to squeeze out and away from HIV because they need help and support in order to continue life without a lot of burden and major works to Rahmatullah sincerely.

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