This warning, the Lion King's disease symptoms in men and women

This Alert, Lion King Symptoms In Men And Women

Maybe most people still lay if heard the Lion King, and diseases are diseases of the Lion King? Yes, the Lion King or disease syphilis is one type of sexually transmitted diseases and unknown how its spread is through a wide range of sexual activity such as sex vaginal, anal or oral sex.

Although the disease has spread from the wounds, but the majority of these injuries are not known and the infected person is often not aware that they have spread the disease the Lion King to his sexual partner, so it is strongly recommended to the two the couple treated simultaneously with reason stop the spread of the infection.

Lion King disease known is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum named. And usually, this disease can be treated especially if caught early. But if it is not treated will disappear by itself, so anyone who's worried infected should seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

This alert, Lion King Symptoms in men and women

Before discussing the more you need to know that the Lion King or the disease syphilis is categorized based on the stadium with a variety of symptoms that are associated with each phase and these symptoms are as follows:

Primary Syphilis Symptoms
Primary syphilis symptoms or the symptoms of the Lion King the first primary is:
1.    The emergence of one or more of the syphilis sores are painless, round called chancres at the mouth or Miss or Mr. P V
2.    Chancres incubation period of approximately 3 weeks after exposure to the bacteria.
3.    After chances last 3 to 6 weeks the symptoms may disappear but care is needed to prevent the disease this Lion King continues into the next phase.

Symptoms Of Secondary Syphilis
Symptoms of secondary syphilis symptoms or secondary Lion King next up is as follows:
1.    Rash occurred in the skin, the rash usually appears on the palms of your hands or the bottom of the foot and this rash can occur such as red, Brown or red.
2.    There are sores in the mouth, anal, genital and wart-like.
3.    Pain in the muscles, fever, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, hair suffered a loss, headaches, weight loss, and feel exhausted.
You need to know also that the symptoms of secondary syphilis can be cured itself after a couple of weeks and these symptoms can come back again at various times during the year. So if left untreated then secondary syphilis will continue to stage a latent and late.

Latent Syphilis
In the absence of secondary syphilis disease then treatment will continue to the next step, namely latent syphilis. In this phase of syphilis lasts a few years, will consist of the body that keeps the disease without any symptoms of syphilis

Although the Lion King no symptoms during this phase, the disease sometimes can develop into the final stage of syphilis (i.e. tertiary syphilis), or the symptoms may never go back.

Tertiary Syphilis
Did you know that approximately 15-30% of untreated syphilis will develop into tertiary syphilis, tertiary syphilis usually occurs 10-30 years after a person is infected.

Symptoms of this stage include the difficulty in coordinating muscle, experiencing numbness, blindness, dementia, damage to the heart, blood vessels, liver, bones, and joints and more sinister was see death sometimes occurs because of damage to the organ.

Syphilis Congenital
Congenital syphilis or syphilis are usually experienced by pregnant women is transmitted through infection transmitted from mother to unborn children through the placenta, and also during the process of labor. Most newborns with syphilis show no symptoms, but symptoms can include rash, tooth abnormalities, deafness in infants, and the fall of the nasal bones or referred to as saddle nose.

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