Types Of Male And Female Genital Diseases

The Venereal disease often occur in someone who has had sexual intercourse are healthy, such as changing couples, the venereal disease can also be caused by a lack of cleanliness in the genital organs or reproductive organs.

Venereal disease is generally caused by germs, viruses, and bacteria that grow abnormally in the sex organs.

Diseases of the reproductive organs can be transmitted through unsafe sexual intercourse. Pregnant women in the State also can pass the disease on to her natural gender on candidate's baby which she had borne in the future. There are various types of venereal disease you must know. In some people the disease on gender is often considered taboo to talk about that, for someone who is affected by diseases of the reproductive organs, sometimes embarrassed to tell the disease experienced.

Below we will describe some of the venereal diseases that often infects men and women active in the sexual intercourse.

Types Of Venereal Disease

1.   These diseases include herpes, a sexually transmitted disease category. Herpes can infect anyone, be it, men or women. the disease is transmitted through sexual intercourse with a partner who first exposed what is herpes. This disease has no cure and incurable, this disease can only be mitigated the impact of symptoms, treatment in accordance with the results of the diagnosis from a doctor.
2.  Gonorrhea is a disease caused by bacteria, some people who are at risk are exposed to gonorrhea is someone active in sexual intercourse with a person who is recently known. The symptoms that you may see when you are exposed to gonorrhea is genitalia liquid from the discharge, accompanied by incredible pain when urinating.
3.   Syphilis, a disease of the reproductive organs of this type is caused by bacteria that can be transmitted spiroset through sexual intercourse. If you are exposed to syphilis while pregnant then, syphilis can be transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy. This disease will be marked with the growing rash on areas affected by syphilis.
4.   Genital warts, this disease is caused by the papilloma virus has occurred, or HPV. The Venereal disease also caused by habitual sexual intercourse without a condom with someone new. Not all types of papilloma viruses cause genital warts. Genital warts are marked with the emergence of small meat in the genital parts. This disease can be treated with a prescription from a doctor.
5.   Urethritis, the disease strikes at the internal genital that is part of the urethra, women at risk is greater because the system of urethritis affected the urethra in women is shorter so that germs easily enter goto in the genital or internal. The disease can be transmitted through sexual intercourse without a condom.
6.    Vaginitis, true to its name ills only affected vaginitis in women, the disease is the inflammation of the vagina. The symptoms of this disease will generally feel itching accompanied by pain in the vagina, as well as the discharge of excessive fluid from inside the vagina.

So our article that explains about the types of genital disease in men and women, can be drawn the conclusion, an average that caused the diseases above is sexual intercourse that is not healthy, and lack in keeping genital hygiene tool. Starting from now on in order to improve your sexual life, such as the use of condoms when doing sexual intercourse against a person who is recently known, and take care of your genitals with natural treatments.

If you have diseases that are above you should immediately to a specialist. In order for your disease can be diagnosed properly and given drugs to suit your needs. so the disease can be cured and not repetitive.

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