Wary of the danger of Use Pantyliner every day

In maintaining the health of femininity, every woman has the choice of each. A large number of product options available to make womanhood women should really wise in deciding which is best for the vagina each also has different properties. One of the products of womanhood which was a pantyliner.
Similar shaped pads pantyliner but smaller in size. It's been a lot of women who wear a pantyliner every day for some reason. However, whether these products are as safe as promised? Here is my review about pantyliner and danger for the health of the vagina. Check out well below.

The difference of pads and pantyliner

Pads and pantyliner is a feminine product made of cotton or synthetic original. These products are capable of absorbing the liquid coming out of her pussy like a menstrual blood or vaginal fluid. Although both have forms and similar materials, pads and pantyliner have different properties and functions. The larger-sized pads and power much higher than a pantyliner. Then, dressing more ideal to be used as absorbent menstrual blood while being much.
Meanwhile, the pantyliner tiny and thin. Power a bit so not suitable for use when Your menstrual blood quite a lot. Usually, a pantyliner is used on the last days of menses or earlier when the vagina produces flecks.

Why do people use pantyliner every day?

There are many women who use pantyliner every day, except at the time of menstruation where they would wear sanitary pads or tampons. The reason every woman to wear a pantyliner every day any different. Most women who are accustomed to using pantyliner feel should do so because of excessive vaginal fluid production. Vaginal fluid would make the underwear so humid and uncomfortable to wear. Then, the pantyliner serves to absorb vaginal fluid and keep the pants remain dry and blemish-free.
Some women also experience problems spotting or discharge of blood spots irregularly. This can happen even when women do not currently menstruate. Because of this spotting of blood cannot be predicted, so that solutions can be a pantyliner spotting that out all of a sudden they are not seeping.
Another problem that causes the woman should wear a pantyliner every day is urinary incontinence or urging to urinate on an ongoing basis. To prevent the discharge of urine without could be detained, some women decide to use a pantyliner. Pantyliner is capable of absorbing the liquid but it still feels good to wear it every day because it is not as thick and of adult diapers or pads.

Risk of use pantyliner every day

Because it turns out there are quite a lot of women who claim they use pantyliner every day, debate any matter the use pantyliner often appear. Pantyliner themselves are safe for the health of the vagina. According to Dr. Jessica Sheperd, a specialist obstetrician and gynecologist, use pantyliner every day can be done provided you replace it the longest once every 4 hours.
In addition, you should also choose a product that contains no fragrances or other harmful chemicals. However, if you use pantyliner every day and use less wisely, there are some risks that should probably be Your responsibility.

1.    Irritation
Wear a pantyliner everyday risk causing irritation of the vulva or the outside of the vagina which come into contact with a pantyliner. Because the pantyliner sold are usually not made from 100% cotton is soft on the skin. As a result, friction with pantyliner happens during a full day of more risky irritates rather than friction with fabrics in soft.
In addition, various products pantyliner is currently mixed with some chemicals such as bleach or deodorizer. For those who are sensitive to these materials, wear a pantyliner once even can cause irritation.

2.    Vaginal infection
A healthy vagina is who can breathe and gets enough air circulation. Meanwhile, a pantyliner cannot provide air circulation in the vaginal area because the bottom that affixed the underwear made of plastic. The plastic blocking the air circulation. As a result, the area of womanhood you will so humid due to the production of sweat and vaginal fluid. The vagina that is too humid and warm is ideal for bacterial and fungal causes of vaginal infection.

So, can use pantyliner every day?

When you use pantyliner every day to overcome specific problems, we recommend that you contact your doctor to give you a diagnosis and a better advice against your problem. Excess vaginal fluid and irregular blood patches may be characteristic of certain diseases such as infection or cancer of the uterus.
However, if you choose to use pantyliner every day, remember to keep Your feminine area remain dry by means of diligent replace pantyliner every 4 hours and wearing pants in lightweight cotton.
To prevent infection, wipe Your vagina with also special cleaners femininity containing povidone-iodine, that fungi, bacteria, and parasites of other not perched on your vagina. In addition, you are also encouraged to give a chance for the vagina to breathe at night while you sleep with don't use pantyliner or underwear at all.

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